About Dr. Dom

As a performance nutrition expert, Dr Dom is inspiring, exciting and intensely knowledgeable, passionate about providing the best nutrition and well-being information to enable others to perform in all aspects of their business, life and sport.

If you are expecting a lecture-style presentation, high level scientific explanations and a traditional academic personality from this “pocket-rocket”, you will be extremely disappointed! Dr Dom prides herself on her ability to engage all personalities, pulling out all the stops to entertain while educating with evidence based best practice. Her high energy crossed with outstanding credentials and experience makes any encounter unforgettable and tremendously insightful.

Dr Dom has extensive industry experience, currently consulting as the performance dietitian to the Richmond Football club, with seven years’ experience at the Geelong Cats Football Club and the WNBL Deakin Melbourne Boomers and appointment as Player Development Manager at Geelong Cats since the inaugural season in 2018. She has over 10 years of experience in private practice, currently consulting to athletes and previously owning DC Dietary Consulting in Adelaide prior to moving to Melbourne in 2015. Dr Dom spends a large portion of her time in an academic position at Deakin University in Sports Nutrition and Dietetics, helping in the growth of the program from partnerships, teaching and research.  She holds numerous leadership positions, in particular her role at Vice President for Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA).

Dr Dom has appeared on short films with industry leaders including ESPN and Netball Australia, spreading the word of emerging and scientifically valid nutrition advice to enhance performance. She has been published in magazines including WomensHealth, online articles through news.com and local newspapers.

In addition to spreading the word through her clients, elite athletes, students and media platforms, Dr Dom is passionate about conducting high quality scientific research in collaboration with experts and industry partners to answer important and novel questions to enhance performance in business, life and sport through nutrition. Most recently, her research focusses on energy availability and the relationships between diet and sleep, with the aim to spread these messages far and wide.

My purpose and passion is to empower others to perform at their best in all parts of their life- business, personal and sport, through optimal nutrition and well-being

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Dr. Dominique Condo, APD
PhD, M Nutr Diet, Grad Cert Higher Education, BSc(Biomed)